As a 3rd generation Horned Hereford Breeder, Hereford cattle are in Carter’s blood. We ranch in central Saskatchewan, just north of Regina. With our main cow herd 45 miles north, year round, in the Touchwood Hills.

Our herd is now mostly line bred genetics of our two GCC Pete 203Y sired herd bulls, ALNK 74A and CLL 5254C, and Ulrich Hereford Ranch bred genetics. In 2022 we added an outcross bull from Braun Ranch that goes back to the Ulrich herd. To the same cow family we focus on.

Cows are what we focus on and that’s why every cow and bull on our place, including bulls we buy, go back to the same two cows in the Ulrich herd. We believe in stacking good cow families on top of good cow families, and that is why we have done some line breeding in our herd. To make sure we are capturing those genetics we hold in such high esteem!

We pride ourselves on longevity, and building cattle that last in any environment or management system. Bulls that if looked after, will last a decade. We pride ourselves on selling bulls that will create females for your ranch that will be highly sought after. And we pride ourselves on raising cattle in a real ranch environment, on forage, with minimal inputs.

We us rotational grazing and regenerative ranching practices to really focus on soil and land ecology. Making sure that we are leaving our ranch better than the way we found it. But also building cattle that will work for you and not you for them!

We also have a direct to consumer beef business located in Southey, Sask. Here we sell our own home raised Grass-Fed beef to consumers across the province. Connecting our consumers with their food, knowing where it comes from and how it is raised is very important to us. We want beef consumers to know the story behind their cattle and the ranchers raising them.

We love what we do, we love the cattle we raise, and we love the ecosystems we are repairing and helping to thrive.

Carter & Carmen Bezan
& Family
Carzan Land & Livestock