Our Cattle

Our Cattle

From day one we have always set out to maintain a cow herd that can sustain itself. Cattle that can do well on what they were built to do, convert forage.

Our cows and our bulls are culled heavily for feet and udders, we trim our hooves at the neck! We absolutely do not have time for problem cattle. Whether that be udders, feet, calving issues, eyes, etc. These cattle have to do it on their own, on forage, with minimal assistance.

The cows start calving May 7th on grass where we check them once or twice a day. We run our registered cows as you would your commercial cows, and we keep performance data on our commercial cows the same as our registered ones.

We regularly graze our cattle on stockpiled forage through as much as the winter will allow. The cows are then put on bale grazing where they are given what they need to survive.

Our bulls are raised on forage most of their lives. For two months prior to sale time they are given a very light backgrounder pellet or whole oats, giving you a herd bull that will last for years without burnt out guts or foundered feet. The cows and bulls that last well into the double digits are the ones that pay the bills and keep the genetics moving forwards, we believe longevity and maternal characteristics come first, performance a close second.

We aim to raise cows that raise cow makers, and sell those cow making bulls onto you, the customer, to grow your own cow herd knowing the maternal side of things has been dealt with!