Complete Herd Dispersal Info

Complete Herd Dispersal Info

We have spent the better part of 24 years building the herd we have today. We have focused on cattle that are built to last, cattle built on forage and grass raised genetics. We’ve have focused on using Regenerative Ranching practices to build a herd that can do it on their own, with minimal assistance from us. The way real world ranch cattle should be!

It has come time to allow someone else to take these genetics we have built and run with it. Someone with more time to devote to marketing and raising these cattle. We have done all the hard work for you, creating a cow herd that is absolutely trouble free. There are no bad feet, there are no bad udders, there are no cows in this herd that we would not keep genetics off of.

Cows will be preg checked when the calves are weaned Nov 6th. Anything open or with any issues will be pulled. The bottom 40 cows will be sold as commercials.

Fall calvers are being moved up to May calving and will be sold as pairs in Nov.

Only the top end heifer calves and bull calves will be sold as purebreds. Bottom end will go as feeders. All calves can be weaned 30 days, but if you’d like to take them right off the cow, that’s preferred.

Our long yearling bulls are pretty green and will be sold as is, at feeder price, with no semen test. Feed them out as you see fit. They’ve been raised on only hay and grass!

Buy all 50 bred cows, 25 heifer calves, 8 bull calves and 2 herd bulls –
Buy the whole herd of bred cows (approx 50) – $3750/head
Buy a liner load of bred cows (approx 40) – $4000/head
Buy all the top end Heifer Calves (approx 25) – $2750/head
Buy all the top end Bull Calves (approx 7 to 10) – $2900/head

Pick through the herd prices are higher and on a first come first serve basis. Prices will drop as the top end cows get picked. Volume discounts will be available on groups of 5 or more
2015s – $3750 ALL SOLD
2016s – $4000
2017s – $4000
2018s – $4500
2019s – $4500
2020s – $4750
2021s – $5000
2022s – $5000
Fall Pairs – $6000
2022 Long Yearling Bulls – $3000
2023 Heifer Calves – $3000
2023 Top End Bull Calves – $3500
Braun Bull BR 11J – $10000
Ulrich Bull U 105J – $4000
Carzan Bull CLL 5254C – $3500

These cattle are built to survive the harshest conditions. From drought to cold winters, we graze 365 days a year, 30 miles from home in the Touchwood Hills of Central Saskatchewan. Our cows calve unassisted using low birthweight bulls. Our heifers calve unassisted with the cow herd as well. We haven’t pulled a calf or brought a cow into the corrals in 4 years.

We raise our bulls on straight forage, no grain. Making sure they are built to last for our customers. With the Regenerative Ranching movement growing, we see this herd as an opportunity for anyone looking to buck trends.

We would like to sell all these cattle private treaty before resorting to a dispersal sale. We feel the prices asked are a reflection of the quality and longevity of our cow herd and their offspring.

Tattoos: 2015: CLL 5203C, 5210C, 5211C
2016: CLL 6429D,
2017: CLL 7201E, 7203E, 7204E, 7216E, 7217E, 7218E, 7235E,
2018: CLL 805F, 809F, 811F, 817F, 818F
2019: CLL 915G, 919G, 920G
2020: CLL 010H, 024H U 100H, 11H, 32H, 66H
2021: CLL 103J, 104J, 106J, 107J, 110J, 116J, 118J, 119J, 120J, 130J, 132J, 133J U 103J, 104J, 166J, 3J, 49J, 67J, 71J, 76J, 9J, 127J
2022: CLL 213K, 210K, 214K, 203K, 216K, 201K, 215K, 204K U 224K, 217K, 206K

Fall Pairs: U 163F, 111D, 602D, 48G, 124F, 56D, 115J, 78G

Top End Heifer Calves:
303L CLL817F/11J
327L U104J/U12H
323L CLL5203C/5254C
313L CLL110J/5254C
306L U49J/RUT49J
321L CLL915G/11J
302L CLL818F/11J
329L CLL010H/11J
330L CLL107J/5254C
314L CLL106J/5254C
315L CLL811F/11J
320L CLL809F/11J
308L ALNK23Z/11J
307L CLL119J/5254C
326L U3J/RUT49J
318L CLL133J/5254C
332L U71J/U12H
317L CLL024H/11J
309L CLL116J/5254C
305L CLL7201E/5254C

Top Bull Calves:
380L CLL805F/11J
381L CLL920G/11J
357L CLL5210C/11J SOLD
352L U67J/U12H
376L U66H/U84H
353L CLL5211C/11J
356L CLL7202E/5254C
375L CLL132J/5254C
379L U11H/U2G
359L CLL6429D/6404D

Built to Last Online Bull & Female Sale

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